Personally I believe a good riad is one that did not demolish the traditional house in order to adapt to demands of travel agents or mass tourism.

It can be that you as a traveler require a swimming pool or hammam in your guesthouse itself, or that walls are made thinner in order to create more space for extra rooms or larger rooms... but this irrevocably hurts the specific micro-climate, as well as the authenticity of the house. It is no longer a clever house, and would there fore stop to be a riad.

The answer to the question "what is the best riad in Marrakech?" is not an easy one, as that depends on the person asking and...

Noble simplicity, symmetry, authenticity.


Apart from the official and measurable definition, a riad comes with a sentimental one:

Its own distinct and unique history and that of the family or families that, throughout various centuries, have given the house its personality and soul.

In this, there are as many degrees and variations as in wine.

There are riads you never forget. And you can not put the finger on the reason. It is about genuine personality, authenticity and hospitality, as well as how the smallest possible details can interact with the natural environment or the neighborhood.


In Marrakech, all traditional riads are located within the walls of the Medina or Old Town. An estimated 800 of them are managed as guesthouses.

Our own riad is located in the neighborhood of Sidi bel Abbes in the north of the medina.


Map of the medina of Marrakech

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