In Arabic, a djinn is a supernatural creature which occupies a parallel to that of mankind, and together with humans and angels makes up the three sentient creations of God.

Djinn possess free will and can be either good or evil.

It is thought they have fluid bodies that can take any shape.

But when they come among human beings, they more generally take the form of some domestic animal, like a cat or a dog, and one can never be certain whether one is dealing with a real animal or with its double from the subterranean world.

Therefore they should never be hurt, for there is the danger of hurting a djinn who has taken their shape, and incurring his vengeance.

Cat or djinn?


"The earth is the abode of djinn, but they are especially fond of desert places, of drains, and ruins and cemeteries.

They come up to the surface of the ground at night, and from the moment of the prayer of Asr, between three and four o’clock in the afternoon, one should be very careful not to offend them.

So that if water closets are being built, or if one is digging a well or the foundations of a wall, work should be stopped at that time for fear of hurting a djinn.

They are very capricious, and it is well known if the ground is dug up and they don’t like it, they destroy all the works in the night. The only thing to be done is make offerings to appease them, or abandon the work all together."

The Folklore of Morocco by Dr. Françoise Legey. 1926

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