Within the limitations of running a small business, we try to practise wherever possible eco-friendly and sustainable tourism.

When we renovated the riad, rather than widen the rooms, we kept the original thick walls to maximize thermal control, just as the traditional doors help to do in the courtyard.

To conserve water we fitted showers instead of baths in all but one bathroom. Moreover, we used renewable natural furnishings, many of which were custom made in the medina. Also, low energy lights are fitted in a large proportion of the riad.

We try to source food and household items from local markets or buy items made in Morocco. Where possible our staff use biodegradable cleaning agents such as vinegar and lemon, and part of our rubbish is taken for recycling. Old bread, for instance, is saved and collected for animal fodder.

Simplicity, ecology... and fresh Egyptian cotton sheets


Our company is legally registered in Morocco and with the tourist board so we pay local taxes.

And, of course, the staff, craftsmen, and tradesmen we employ are all Moroccan, safeguarding the existence of the true craftsmanship in the Medina.

This website is lodged on a green server running on natural energy.